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Hangzhou Huayuan Frontline Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is an earlier manufacturer of electric boilers, electrode boilers, and oil and gas boilers. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a research and development center for thermal energy equipment technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province. ......


Electric boiler

1. protections such as over-temperature, over-pressure, over-current, circuit break, water cut, etc., it can be unattended;

2. Fully automatic operation, simple operation;

3. No pollution, no noise, low investment, clean and sanitary, easy to install;

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1. Utilize 6-20kV or above high-voltage electricity to directly heat the boiler water, the boiler water conducts and becomes resistance heating;

2. Key technology: high-power boiler capacity (heat generation) control to ensure the safe isolation of high-voltage electricity and high-temperature water vapor,

Ensure the stable operation of the heat storage system;

3. Applications: Wind power, photovoltaic consumption; coal-to-electricity central heating; auxiliary boilers in power plants.

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