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Only 10 days - refresh the boiler industry record
time:2021-09-08 13:39  

  Recently, Zhanjiang Wanzhong project was successfully ignited at one time and has been officially put into commercial operation. The gas-fired boiler of Huayuan front line has mature design and stable operation, all performance parameters and technical indicators meet the requirements of the agreement, and the installation and commissioning speed has set an industry record, which has been highly affirmed by the owner. The project provides steam for agricultural grain and oil processing in Bohai Sea, with an annual output of 380000 tons of first-class rapeseed oil.

In just ten days, Su Bingtian:
Szs50-1.1/200-q gas-fired boiler of Huayuan front line is selected for Zhanjiang Wanzhong project. The project has tight time and heavy tasks. It takes only 44 days from contract review, task assignment, equipment design and manufacturing to primary ignition success. Huayuan frontline vigorously carries forward the service concept of "one inequality and two dependence", puts user needs above all else, gives full play to the initiative of all departments, and shows the excellent enterprise style of "dare to fight a hard battle and be able to fight a hard battle".
Zhanjiang Wanzhong project originally used a 75t / h coal-fired boiler as the heat source of steam in the plant, but in order to actively respond to the national green development policy of "carbon neutralization and carbon peak", shut down the coal-fired unit and select Huayuan front-line gas-fired boiler with mature design and operation. In order to complete the urgent operation of the boiler, the project only completed all installation in just 10 days, Refresh the record of boiler installation of the same scale.



Boiler ignition and pipe blowing diagram


Huayuan front-line engineers Yu Hao, Feng Hao and Zhao zheyong overcame many difficulties such as tight construction period and heavy construction tasks in the project construction, worked overtime with the construction unit every day until late at night, and actively solved the problems in the installation and commissioning process:


1. Tight construction period: in the process of project implementation, the work that must be completed every day must be planned and detailed;


2. Long delivery time of purchased equipment: since it took only one month from the signing of the contract to the completion of installation, the production cycle of some purchased products was long, which seriously affected the on-site installation progress and hydrostatic test. In the face of such problems, the on-site personnel actively coordinated and communicated with the manufacturer to help solve the problems, and finally completed the production and supervision of the equipment within the specified time;


3. During the implementation of the project, due to the construction unit's lack of experience in the installation of gas-fired boiler equipment, it is necessary to give real-time technical guidance. Huayuan front-line project engineers go to the site every day, work overtime late at night, communicate and coordinate with Party A and the construction unit, and give solutions in time to ensure the timely completion of the project installation.


Huayuan frontline is too experienced to win the time:


During the COVID-19, the emergency boiler of Tongwei hospital was debugged, and the emergency rescue of the Wuhan thermal storage electric boiler was completed. The electric boiler, the core plate of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has been completed as scheduled... As long as users need it, they can race against time. The successful operation of Zhanjiang Wanzhong project has once again proved the speed of the front line, further improved the competitive influence of Huayuan front line in the industry, and painted a heavy color for Huayuan front's deep cultivation in Guangdong.

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