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Hangzhou Huayuan Runpaq Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou frontline boiler plant) was founded in 1978,which was originally affiliated to the Nanjing military region (the 9084 factory of the PLA General Logistics Department).It is one of the former manufacturers of the former national Ministry of labor and the earlier production system of fuel and gas fired boilers in China. In 1999, the enterprises were transferred from the army to the local area. The factory is located in the Tangqi Industrial Park in Hangzhou. It has a class a boiler, ASME boiler container qualification, pressure vessel, low voltage electrical production all set advanced equipment. The product passed the military level and provincial technical appraisal in 1993, and won the three prize of the army's science and technology progress.

The company takes all kinds of power plant auxiliary boilers and systems, electric boilers (including electrode boilers), household electric boilers, heating electric boilers, heat storage boilers, heat storage systems engineering, all kinds of oil and gas boilers, thermal storage and storage sets, waste heat boiler systems, biomass boilers and other supplies and system general packages. Hundreds of large auxiliary boilers (start-up boilers) have been undertaken in various power generation group, energy investment group and Asian African countries. The application of electric boiler (electrode boiler) and system technology is in the forefront of the market. It is the main drafting unit of the national standard "electric heating boiler" and "economic operation of electric boiler system". The electrode boiler, developed jointly with the central nuclear group, has a single maximum capacity of up to 40000KW, and has been successfully applied to dozens of major national key projects, such as Urumqi high speed railway and Baicheng power plant. We are China's qualified suppliers of electric power boilers for nuclear power plants. The company has accepted thousands of electric boilers, fuel gas and industrial boiler users. It has undertaken many large million power plant ash removal system, waste heat boiler power generation, waste heat boiler steam system and other projects. For the dozens of large hydropower stations such as Longtan and Xiaowan, a complete set of mobile Leng Shui Railway Station has been provided. Users all over the country, and exported to many countries and regions.

Our company cooperates with the national coal conversion project to provide all kinds of boiler products that can make full use of low valley electricity.

The company has been certified by the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, holding a grade a boiler manufacturing license issued by the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection, A2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing license, ASME boiler, pressure vessel manufacturing license, boiler installation, repair, transformation qualification certificate, national compulsory product 3C certification, Zhejiang environmental protection. Product accreditation, such as full set of qualifications. In the 7 products recommended by Zhejiang Technical Supervision Bureau, "energy efficient demonstration products catalog", our company occupies two items of gas fired boilers and electric boilers. Biomass boiler efficiency reached 88%, leading a large margin in similar products.

As a professional solution provider of heating system, the company mainly serves::All power plants, including thermal power, nuclear power and hydropower, all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises, all kinds of large comprehensive buildings, hospitals, hotels and schools (used for heating, hot water, drinking water engineering); coal to electricity, gas and electricity to all kinds of hot users.