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Brief: on October 17, the trade union of Huayuan front line company specially invited Chen Zhimin, head of the lecturer group of Yuhang District customs Working Committee and former president of Yuhang District Party school, to teach a cour...

Recently, the third Tangqi craftsmen came out fresh, Huayuan Front Company Jinyunlong, Chen Huabin won the title of Tangqi craftsmen. Lets get to know these two skilled talents from Huayuan front line! Jinyunlong Senior Electrician Jinyunlo...

On the eve of the national day, the Huayuan front ceremony presented the national day, blowing the vanguard, echoing at the nuclear power station. The engineers at the Huayuan front line, who are commissioning the auxiliary boiler, are exci...

On the eve of national day, the staff of the Huayuan front-line company union organized the seventh staff Fun Games held by the Tangqi town Federation of trade unions, the town League Committee and the womens Federation at the Tangqi blind...

I love you, motherland. I love you beautiful mountains and rivers, picturesque scenery; I love you to strive for self-improvement and perseverance; I love you - five thousand years of Chinese civilization. I think, through the time tunnel,...

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