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Be selected! The first key project of Zhejiang Province!
time:2021-09-08 13:57  

 After selection and recommendation at all levels and strict review by experts, the electrode steam boiler and supporting system project of our company has been determined as the "first product engineering research project of manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province in 2021", which has become one half of our district (two projects in Linping district have been selected).

"The purpose of the selection of Zhejiang's first set of key research projects is to focus on the key areas of high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, encourage major enterprises to take the lead in developing major short board equipment to fill the domestic gap, or solve the key products of" chain supplement and chain strengthening "in the list of supply chain interruption in the industrial chain."

The first (set) electrode steam boiler and supporting system products selected by Huayuan frontline this time are applied to the central heating emergency peak shaving heat source project of Shenneng Wuzhong thermal power plant and six 50MW electrode steam boilers. They are put into operation on the same day of power transmission, with full operating power, 300000 kwh of electricity consumed in one hour and 400000 kg of steam, which can ensure 6 million square meters of residential More than 200000 residents are warm in winter, setting an industry record in terms of installed capacity and operation speed.

In 2007, Huayuan frontline was determined to break through the overseas monopoly of electrode boiler technology. After 14 years of R & D, practice, upgrading and iteration, Huayuan frontline has become a leader in the field of electrode boiler, filling the gap of major short board equipment independently developed and manufactured by electrode boiler in China. At present, it has surpassed overseas brands in practical application, technical performance and equipment reliability.

As a clean energy, it has great strategic significance under the situation of wind power consumption and carbon neutralization. Up to now, the total capacity of the undertaken electrode boiler project has reached about 2600mw. It is widely used in various scenarios such as flexible peak shaving of thermal power, clean energy central heating and production process steam, providing users with saturated steam, superheated steam, atmospheric hot water and high-pressure hot water of various pressure levels.


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