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Electric heating tube boiler

源牌LDZ型(立式)、WDZ型(卧式)全自动电热管锅炉主要应用于生活热水、采暖以及其它用热系统上,产品型号覆盖60kw~3000kw,已在国内近千工程项目中成功运行。 产品特点 优质电热管、使用寿命长; 炉体采用可靠防腐处理工艺,提供高品质的热水(蒸汽); 具
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Product introduction

The source brand LDZ (vertical) and WDZ (horizontal) automatic heating tube boilers are mainly used in hot water, heating and other thermal systems. The product model covers 60kw~3000kw, which has been successfully run in nearly 1000 projects in China.

Product features

1、Adopting dynamic digital control technology, it has the functions of PID automatic adjustment, water pump interlocking, relevant parameter alarm protection, etc.

2、The electric heating elements are automatically loaded and unloaded according to the operating parameters set by the boiler, and the balanced operation of the components is maintained.

3、With multiple protection such as over temperature, overpressure, overcurrent, open circuit and water cut, it can be unattended.

4、Multiple operation periods can be set according to users' actual usage requirements.

5、6、The design is exquisite, and the furnace body is integrated with the electric control cabinet. Users do not need to dig the cable trench to simplify the installation work.

6、Electrical components use SIEMENS, Schneider, ABB and other international famous brand products, with stable performance and high reliability.

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