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High voltage electrode boiler

源牌电极锅炉利用6-20kV高压电直接对锅炉炉水通电进行加热,炉水导通成为电阻发热。其关键技术是:大功率锅炉容量(发热量)控制、确保高压电与高温水汽安全隔离、确保蓄热系统稳定运行。 主要优点: 效率高达99%以上,启动快速、性能可靠、10-100%无极调节
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Product introduction

Our company is commissioned by China Nuclear Power Group Company to develop products, combined with the advantages of different schools in the United States and Europe, abandon its shortcomings and own intellectual property rights. Through the research and development of nearly 10 years, it has been successfully put into commercial operation and has been recognized by users from all over the world.

Product features

1 、Efficiency up to 99%, quick start, reliable performance, 10-100% infinitely adjustable capacity.

2 、The power supply is directly supplied by 6-20KV, which saves the incoming transformer and the relevant transformer room, and is suitable for all kinds of hot water and steam occasions.

3 、The floor space is small and the same volume can achieve more than 10 times the super power of the traditional electric boiler. The power of a single station can reach 50MW or higher, especially in high power, saving space.

4 、The maintenance costs are low at ordinary times.

The boiler is widely used in various large-scale thermal storage systems to achieve efficient energy storage. Especially when wind power, photovoltaic power and other Internet access are not available, store them in hot water and release heat when heating or other hot water is needed. Effectively alleviate the waste of "abandoning wind and abandoning light".

The central heating system, composed of electrode type boiler, temperature stratified heat storage tank and peak valley electric intelligent optimization control system, will provide strong technical support for the realization of national coal modification strategy.

The technical products have been successfully applied to auxiliary power boilers of nuclear power plants and coal-fired power stations, and the zero discharge of auxiliary boilers of power stations has been realized.

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