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Biomass steam generator

产品特点: 立式水,管结构,占地面积小,水容小,安全性高,出蒸汽快,易于保养; 一体化设计,内置热回收器,充分利用炉体尾部烟气余温提升热效,排烟温度在120℃左右; 内置除尘装置,无污染,不冒黑烟; 内设自动点火装置,一键式操作模式,开放式清灰方
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Product introduction

Safety water volume design, do not need inspection. It is widely used in washing and ironing industry, packaging machinery industry, bio chemical industry, food machinery industry, steam cleaning industry, hot water supply, sauna bath, heat exchange equipment and so on.

Product features

1、Vertical water pipe structure, small footprint, small water capacity, high safety, fast steam, easy to maintain;

2、Integrated design, built-in heat recovery device, make full use of the flue gas temperature of the furnace tail to enhance the thermal efficiency and exhaust gas temperature at around 120 ℃.

3、Built-in dust removal device, no pollution, no black smoke.

4、It has automatic ignition device, one button operation mode and open type dust removal mode.

5、Micro positive pressure operation to eliminate the phenomenon of tempering and deactivation.

integrated biomass steam generator Single sample click download
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