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Hot-water boiler

(1)真空锅炉 图片 产品特点: 内置可承压的铜管或者不锈钢换热器,可同时供应不同用途热水; 采用密闭结构本体,采用高效密闭设计和真空泵,确保本体内部负压; 无须监检,安全可靠。 炉体内部不结垢,抗复腐蚀,正常使用可达20年以上寿命。 (2)间接式热
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 (1)Vacuum boiler

Product features

1、Built in pressure bearing copper pipes or stainless steel heat exchangers can supply hot water for different purposes.

2、The closed structure body is adopted, and the high efficiency closed design and vacuum pump are adopted to ensure the negative pressure inside the body.

3、No need to be inspecting, safe and reliable.

4、The internal scale of the furnace is not scaling, and it is resistant to re corrosion. The normal use can reach more than 20 years.

(2)Indirect hot water boiler

Product features

1、The advantages of the normal pressure boiler and the pressure boiler are joined, the unit body is designed according to atmospheric pressure, and no special equipment inspection department is required to permit and supervise the inspection.

2、Built in pressure bearing copper tube or stainless steel heat exchanger for users to choose, clean water quality, effectively solve the problem of high-rise heating and heating water.

3、Water outlet temperature is stable and reliable, and the unit type heat exchanger coil and quick connector are easy to install and maintain.

4、Quick start, fast heat transfer, no scaling on the hot water side, long term operation and sufficient heat transfer.

5、The floating coil can float freely, expand and shrink freely, and has no thermal effect and long service life.

(3)Pressurized hot water boiler

Product features

1、Internal combustion wet back shell, flue gas flow three return layout, heating area is large.

2、The inner furnace adopts corrugated bile (or straight furnace), and the spoiler is added to the chimney to optimize the smoke flow.

3、Double protection of pressure and temperature, high safety performance.

4、Intelligent control, using SIEMENS PLC programmable controller, display in Chinese, easy and simple operation.

5、Standard imported famous brand burner, safe and reliable operation.

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