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SZS type water pipe boiler

SZS型水管锅炉,即辅助锅炉(启动锅炉) 产品特点 SZS型水管锅炉,采用双锅筒、自然循环D型布置; 炉膛采用膜式水冷壁,炉膛尾部设置了过热器,喷水减温器设置在集箱上出口,炉膛出口布置了凝渣管束,对流管束与上下锅筒均为焊接结构,尾部采用螺旋鳍片管省煤器。 该炉型
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Product introduction

SZS type water tube boiler is widely used in industrial enterprises, which can meet the start-up steam and heat requirements of large units and carry out acid pickling and preheating of pipelines.

The auxiliary boiler of power station requires fast start-up, simple maintenance and maintenance, advanced automatic control and strong emergency response.

Product features

1、SZS type water tube boiler adopts double drum and natural circulation D layout. ;

2、The furnace adopts a membrane type water cooling wall, the tail of the furnace is set with superheater, the water spray temperature reducer is set up on the collection box, the furnace outlet is arranged with the condensing slag pipe bundle, the convection tube and the upper and lower pot are both welded structure, and the tail adopts the spiral fin tube economizer;

3、The furnace adopts balanced ventilation / micro positive pressure mode to ensure complete combustion, high efficiency and reliable operation;

4、Evaporation is less than 40t/h, which is an integrated fast loading form; 40t/h~70t/h is a modular fast loading form; > 70t/h is a bulk form.

Product specification

       Rated evaporation 10t/h~100 t/h

       Rated pressure 1.0MPa~2.5 MPa

SZS type water pipe boiler sample click download

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