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Heat storage and heating module machine

家用恒温蓄能锅炉,提供小型煤锅炉改电锅炉的完美解决方案,适用于家居改善需求,低谷电蓄能,恒温出水,洁净能源,无烟气排放,是小型煤锅炉、油气锅炉的完美替代品。 产品特点: 利用晚间低谷电蓄热加热,实现全天采暖供热,用户可根据需求设定温度,智能
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Product introduction

The home constant temperature storage boiler provides a perfect solution for the small coal boiler modification boiler. It is suitable for home improvement demand, low valley electric storage, constant temperature water, clean energy and no flue gas emission. It is the perfect substitute for small coal boilers and oil and gas boilers.

Product introduction

1、The whole day heating and heating system is realized by heat storage at night.

2、Users can set temperature according to demand, intelligent temperature control and stable effluent.

3、Use the hardcover flow design and control mode to set the economic temperature in different periods according to the needs of users.

4、The factory is equipped with less workload and reliable quality.

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