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A 风冷输送系统 (1)石子煤风冷输送系统 图片 系统特点: 1、 提高锅炉效率 2、高自动化运行,无人值守 3、系统无需用水 4、系统无废水排放 5、运行维护费用低 6、 使用寿命长,安全可靠 7、结构简单,布置灵活,安装方便 (2)石子煤钢带输送技术系统: 图
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A Air cooling transmission system

(1)The air cooling conveying system of stone coal

System characteristics

1、Improve boiler efficiency

2、High automation, unattended

3、No water is needed for the system

4、No wastewater discharge from the system

5、Low cost of operation and maintenance

6、Long life, safe and reliable

7、The structure is simple, the arrangement is flexible, and the installation is convenient/p>

(2)Technical system for conveying stone coal and steel belt


System characteristics

1、Material and conveying equipment have no direct friction and low wear.

2、The whole process of air cooling, the system does not need water, no waste water discharge.

3、The conveyor belt is made of net belt with high tensile strength and high temperature resistance.

4、The shell structure is compact, and the stone coal does not leak out, and there is no environmental pollution.

5、The transmission bearing is installed outside the equipment casing, which is easy to remove, repair and maintain.

6、Fully automated operation, unattended, low power consumption, high transport efficiency.

7、Long service life, safety and reliability, low cost of operation and maintenance.

8、The structure is simple, the arrangement is flexible, and the installation is convenient.

B、Air cooling dry slag drainage system

System principle

MBA-AC dry slag treatment system is a new concept of furnace bottom slag. It uses a special steel strip to collect and transport furnace bottom slag, while using a small amount of natural wind introduced to effectively cool the hot furnace bottom, without cooling it with any water, reducing water pollution and energy consumption. The hot air produced by the slag is directly into the boiler furnace, and the heat taken away from the furnace is brought back to the furnace, thereby reducing the heat loss of the boiler and improving the efficiency of the boiler. When the dry slag is cooled to about 150 degrees, the slag hopper is moved into the slag hopper through the slag crusher, and the slag in the slag hopper can be comprehensively utilized by mechanical or pneumatic conveying.

System characteristics

1、There is no need for water cooling and hydraulic conveyance for conveying ash, so there is no need to set up grout pool and mortar pump and other equipment, without ash water pollution. It avoids the pollution of production site and social environment caused by the maintenance of the original hydraulic slag removal equipment and the leakage and maintenance of the slag pipeline, and achieves the zero discharge standard and saves the water resources. Meet the requirements of environmental protection.

2、The MBA-AC system uses natural wind to absorb the heat of ash, chemical energy and radiant energy of the heated conveyer belt, and send these energy into the combustion chamber, thus improving the efficiency of the boiler. At the same time, the cooling air also provides oxygen to the unburned carbon particles in the ash from the conveyor belt, so that the carbon content of the bottom ash is significantly reduced.

3、The main equipment of the system is made of wire mesh stainless steel belt, and is arranged in completely enclosed box. The slag will not leak out in the process of transportation. The bearing is located outside the shell to facilitate maintenance and replacement. Therefore, there is no effect on the safety of field production. The system can eliminate equipment damage and personal injury caused by furnace slag falling.

C、Pneumatic conveying system

(1)Positive pressure pneumatic conveying system

System characteristics

1、The concept of flow control is introduced into the conveying system, and the continuous flow dynamic regulation can be realized according to the pressure of the conveying pipeline.

2、system under the critical state of dynamic boiling has fundamentally solved the problem of pipe blockage.



(2)Micro positive pressure pneumatic conveying system

System characteristics

1、High speed of transportation.

2、The mixing ratio is low.

3、Uniform feed can be realized.

Applicable material range

Non sticky, low hardness powder materials (typical materials: biomass power plant ash, limestone powder)

Suitable distance for transportation

Medium distance powder delivery.

(3)Negative pressure pneumatic conveying system

System characteristics

The negative pressure conveying system uses gas pressure below 1kg/cm2. It adopts negative pressure (suction) mode and pulls the powder material at high speed to transport it to the ash warehouse through the pipeline. But it has the obvious advantage of the clean on the site.

(4)Pulse pneumatic conveying system

Application scope:limestone powder transportation

System principle:The compressed gas passes through a certain frequency of the solenoid valve to form a pulse airflow (air knife). The material is cut into a material plug by means of the pressure of the air knife and the pressure of the sending tank, so that the low pressure delivery condition between the material plug and the gas bolt is formed in the pipeline. Depending on the static pressure difference before and after the material bolt, the material is pushed forward to realize transportation.


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