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Air source heat pump unit

产品特点: 消耗少量电能来驱动压缩机和风机,以冷媒为载体,从空气中吸引几倍于耗电的热能,再将热能输送至水箱; 独立蓄热模块,利用低谷电,运行费用低。寒冷季节比普通热泵运行成本节约40%以上; 保证水箱随时补充高温热水,为用户提供全天候舒适热水;
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Product introduction

Regenerative heat pump water heater is widely used in various hotels, public bathrooms, hospitals, sanatorium, schools, fitness centers, production technology and other hot water use units. We can provide the overall solution, according to the customer situation, the integration of various programs, customized solutions for customers, including metering, card system, billing system, regular water supply, regular heating and so on, our product self booster control system (can be customized according to user needs).

Product features

1、A small amount of electric energy is consumed to drive compressors and fans. The refrigerant is used as a carrier to attract several times the energy consumption of electricity from the air, and then heat energy is transferred to the water tank.

2、The independent heat storage module uses low valley electricity and has low running cost. In cold season, the running cost of general heat pump is more than 40%.

3、Ensure that hot water is replenished at any time to provide users with all-weather and comfortable hot water.

4、The whole shell is made of special hot coated panels, and the surface is UV resistant and outdoor for plastic spraying. The anticorrosive property is over 20 years.

5、The intelligent microcomputer defrosting system can also be started in an emergency to solve the problem of heating and defrosting in winter.

6、A wide range of working conditions, medium temperature and low pressure, large exhaust and wide collection of heat have greatly improved the efficiency of hot water making.

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