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The temperature stratified energy storage tank is mainly divided into a temperature stratified water storage tank and a water storage tank.


1、A small amount of electricity is consumed to drive compressors and fans, and refrigerants are used as carriers to attract several times of energy consumption from the air, and then heat energy is transferred to the water tank.

2、The independent heat storage module uses low valley electricity and has low running cost. In cold season, the running cost of general heat pump is more than 40%.

3、Ensure that hot water is replenished at any time to provide users with all-weather and comfortable hot water.

4、The whole shell is made of special hot coated panels, and the surface is UV resistant and outdoor for plastic spraying. The anticorrosive property is over 20 years.




1、Professional design, factory integration, high reliability

2、Quick installation, compact structure, no need for special computer room.

3、PLC control, high degree of automation;

4、High efficiency and energy saving, running economy;



1、The use of solar energy to absorb heat from the environment.

2、In the design capacity, start at any time to meet the temperature requirements at any time.

3、Electric heating uses low valley electricity, and the running cost is lower. It saves more than 40% of electricity charges than ordinary solar water heating units.


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